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 Timeless street
The timeless street photography character is walking on the street.Helsinki, Septembe..
A beggar
A beggar at the doors of ICECAPITAL, an independent investment bank.Helsinki, June 2016&nb..
A former fortune teller
A girl with a mask
A girl with a mask. Pompei (Naples), July 2016..
A small contribution to a big moment
A woman, a dog, a bicycle
Esthetic view composed by a woman, a dog, a bicycle and a shop advertisingAix en Provence ..
A word from the other side
A Zombie show
A Zombie show. Milan, September 2016..
About a boy
About a boy. Turin, August 2016..
Addis on the move
It was my first time being back to Ethiopia since I left in2014. I had spent the better pa..
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