Tanu Kallio

I’m a 37 years old freelancer photographer from Helsinki Finland. I got interested in street photography just a few years back when my friend started to do it with his mobile phone and started to publish his pictures in Instagram. I realized that Instagram could be much more than just a platform for a teenagers taking selfies. There was the whole world wide community making the mobile phone street photography. And it was easy, fast and fun. Your camera is always with you and you can edit and upload your photos right away. I’m still on that road.

This selection is a retrospect presentation of my work right now. I also wanted that the pictures would work as a series. For example, the editing style would be the same. Maybe I had to take one or two good pictures out because of that. 

I try to not think too much what I shoot. In a nutshell when I see something interesting I just go there and click. Sometimes it is a character, sometimes light or nice background, weird, funny or moving situation, basic street photography stuff. Of course composition plays a big part in my photos, but sometimes situation happens so fast that it’s impossible to get it right.

Three windows
Three windows, three lights. Young man with the cell phone at the Helsinki Central railway..
Timeless feel
Timeless feel in this photo. The Man, the hat and the cafe-sign.Helsinki, September 2..
Trough the Old Church
Lady is walking trough the Old Church Park in Helsinki.Helsinki,  May 2016..
Tuileries Garden
This is from the Tuileries Garden in Paris. The mood and Light was weird.Paris, June 2016..
Under the bridge
This has been taken under the railway bridge nearby my home in Helsinki. Helsinki,&nb..
Waiting couple
A beggar at the doors of ICECAPITAL, an independent investment bank.Helsinki, August 2016&..
Woman in metro
Exotic-looking woman pose on the metro.Helsinki, February 2016..
Writing on the wall
Ladies examines the writings on the wall or can they see the Eiffel Tower?Helsinki,  ..
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