Ryan Eccleston

My approach to Photography comes from my curious nature and always looking to scratch that itch. I grew up traveling a lot as a child because of the nature of my father’s work. My family was always on the move. But through all that movement and travel, it lets me look at things differently and realize that life can be experienced in so many different ways. I simply want to soak up life as mush as possible and that bleeds out into my work.

Public Toilet
“that’s pretty cool!”Kenya 2014..
Rasta Rider
I man making a move on my horse!Jamaica 2015..
Robert works in a local supermarket in Kingston, He is deaf. Hehas a huge personality. His..
Second Hand Clothes
“I’m looking for my size!”. Second Hand Clothesmarkets are all the rage in some ..
Street Vending
“Another day another dollar!”. Street food so commonlyfound in the City Centre of Nairobi...
Traffic Jam Kampala
The Infamous Kampala traffic captured from the rooftop of a business placeUganda 2014..
Watching Tele
This was during my first year of living in Ethiopia. I visitedAsaita the capital of the Af..
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