Luigi Malatacca

Not so long time ago I started with street photography. It was March 2016 and at that time I was not able to understand what I was doing. My very first idea was to take picture of people crowding the metro - without any purpose - with my phone and to put their faces on my Instagram profile. In time, with the help of my Insta-friends, I understood that I started my career in street photography and I found my real life!

I bought a camera (RICOH GR II) and on streets I tried to find my idea of street photography.

My photography - for the moment - is about the city of Naples, Turin and Milan and about the humans walking those cities. Watching the works of Martin Parr and Bruce Gilden I am going to find inspiration for something new but I have to walk and walk on streets.

Self-portrait in a balloon
Self-portrait in a balloon. Turin, September 2016..
Smoking cigarettes at a bus station
Smoking cigarettes at a bus station. Milan, November 2016..
Stratigraphy of humans
Stratigraphy of humans. Milan, September 2016..
Twins. Milan, September 2016..
without name
Image from the project LIMBO, Milan, November 2016..
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