Hanna Chriqui

I was born in Paris, France, but I have had the chance to travel a lot and that’s where I’m drawing most of my inspiration from: the unknown, the unfamiliar, but also this stealth spirit of openness only travels provide. I’ve been practicing photography since I was 16, as a mean to slow the speed of time, to feel like I was deeply grounded in the present. I strongly believe that street photography helps us notice precious, furtive moments that would otherwise vanish; create a virtual but immortal bond between our unaware subject and our viewer.

The Band
The Band Hoi An, Vietnam;  April 2014..
The Flood
The Flood New York, USA; July 2010..
The Gatekeeper
The Gatekeeper Rabat, Morocco; August 2010..
The Interlude
The Interlude Barcelona, Spain; April 2011..
The Path
The Path Rangoon, Myanmar; February 2014..
Three Little Birds
Three Little BirdsNyaung Shwe, Myanmar; February 2014..
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