Erik Jerezano

Since the early stages of my art career, I have focused on a drawing but have used photography as a tool for exploration. I produce works that involve photography in different ways but have primarily used it for elements of reference, and to study context and composition. 

Lately, I have ventured in the use of photography to create a visual diary of my everyday findings, to attempt to document the lives of others, the anonymous characters that I randomly meet and observe. The intention is to provide a segment of a story to be told, to offer the viewer a possibility to elaborate upon that frame. My pictures are a tribute to the ordinary, to the meaningless, to all insignificant moments that fill our days.

A former fortune teller
A small contribution to a big moment
A word from the other side
After reading that book twice
An empty gig
Birdwatcher Canada, March 2017Instagram pho..
Bus carnival
Bus carnivalCanada, July 2..
Detected icon
Detected icon Canada, May 2017Instagram photography..
Distribution of desire
Donation to the lake
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