Eric Taraud

At the moment you have your camera in your hands, you feel yourself like a writer in front of the blanco page. You never guess what will come out by the end of the day. It can be a lot, but it can be very few. The eye is searching for something hazard, unexpected, essential and finally redundant.

Photography brings the prove of undiscussable truth. The muse that holds the tension of the instant that we afraid of and that we hope to get so much while it is finally too late. Time for photography is very short. Between the eye of objective and those who will get it first.

Two powers
Two powers. Namibia, Sandwich Harbour, September 2008 ..
Way to school
Way to school. India, Jaipur, September 2005 ..
Wilderness. Namibia, Kalahari desert, September 2008 ..
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