Chris Moret

I’m a Rotterdam-based photographer. However, saying photography is ‘just a hobby’ would be a big understatement. Taking pictures is a thing I must do. There is that ever pre ever-present freeze the remarkable, beautiful, or odd moments that cross my everyday path. I got a degree in photography but never turned that into a professional career. Once a frustration that made me drift away from photography, now a solid foundation of valuable knowledge to help me pursuing the images I want to make.

Bringing together a selection of work for a series or exhibition is, in my case, a slow and a bit tedious process. It takes time. Lots of it. Photos should be able to stand the test of time. If a picture still holds up after a month or so after shooting, being displayed time after time on my monitor or in print on my desk, it could become a permanent keeper. I often can’t put my finger on it why one picture gets thrown in the trash and the next one gets a second chance. The picture must feel right and I can sense some sort of balance in it and all kinds of stories what is happening in the picture, just surface.

De selection of photos displayed at the RAW Streetphoto Gallery and webshop are the accumulation of several years of photographing the world around me. They are more of a review of my growth and change as a photographer. I find it nice to see the changes over time in perspective and perception of things happening around me.

Tourists caught on film in strong geometrical lines.Getting bored is great for creativity...
Reflections and shadows play surreal game in this hard autumn light.Living I a certain pla..
Working magic
Two kids giving this car a brand-new look.I was struck by the recta..
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